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Who knew that there are so many different opinions on what angles to use for a Negative Rake Scraper? It seems like everyone has a different idea for which angles are best. This NRS Setting Gauge offers quick easy and repeatable included angles for 75 degrees, 60 degrees and 50 degrees. 

Why use a negative rake scraper in the first place? Scrapers with a negative rake are far less aggressive than scrapers with a regular grind. You can recognize a negative rake grind because there is a bevel on the top side of the scraper.

Whenever you encounter difficult grain or end grain that tends to tear out, a negative rake scraper almost always will allow you to clean up that area and eliminate tear-out without having to sand endlessly.

The NRS 3N1 setting gauge shown here will set the platform for the three most popular configurations; 60 degrees included angle, 50 degrees included angle and 75 degrees included angle. The 50 and 60-degree grinds are symmetrical - the same angle on both the top and bottom of the scraper. The 75 degree and the one I use most often uses two different angles; 60 degrees on the nose and 15 degrees across the top of the scraper.

If you are encountering catches with your regular scraper, try using a negative rake and see the difference. If you have difficult grain such as burls or crotches, the negative rake may be the perfect solution. A NRS is not meant to replace regular scrapers but is meant to be used when a conventional grind fails.

It seems everyone agrees that negative rake scrapers are more user friendly, less aggressive, easier to use, give a better finish, and catch far less than conventional scrapers. NRS are almost universally regarded as finishing tools to be used for cleaning up bowls, plates, and platters. Some folks use them on spindles as well. 

I have been using NRS to true up my Amazing Doughnut Chucks for a couple of years now and I have not found any other tool which even comes close to being smooth cutting and, in my case, absolutely catch-free.

These gauges make setup extremely fast (average is under 15 seconds), repeatable and accurate. A set of three gives you the option of using different angles for different scrapers in different applications. My goal was to offer a solution that will work for most folks in most situations most of the time. I’m pretty sure you will agree. 

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Negative Rake Scraper 3N1 Gauge

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