• You can do this!

You can do this!

Budget Your Shop, Build A Shop, Start A Wood Lathe Shop, Tool Recommendations

Free pdf on building your shop with price and perfection in mind so that you will be the best turner you can be


As I launch into my 9th year on the show circuit (at the time of this writing), I have stood in
front of nearly a million people all together and have fielded many thousands of questions. Since this is
free advice it is certainly worth what you are paying for it, perhaps even more to some folks.

Although I don’t mean for it to be a commercial, I do provide some of the items suggested as do
many other companies across the globe. I’m always glad to help in any way possible, either
face-to-face, via email or through one of my many How-To turning DVDs. My advice is to pick the
person or company you have confidence in, or who is a relative, and ask them to help you decide
what is right for your situation.

And then go turn something!

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You can do this!

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