• 6 Piece Set

6 Piece Set angle gauge sharpening 

These Angle Gauges are designed to help you quickly set the platform on your grinder for very specific angles commonly used with turning tools. This is a 6 piece set of gauges and will help you quickly locate exactly 45 Deg, 50 Deg, 55 Deg & 60 Deg. These setting gauges are calibrated to work accurately with 8” grinding wheels. Two of the gauges are made for use with 8” CBN Wheels which do not change diameters due to wear. Two others are for use with regular abrasive grinding wheels which will wear down to a smaller diameter over time.

Included is a 9 position Large Print angle measuring gauge to check existing angles already on your tools and the same type of gauge in a much smaller size more convenient for your pocket.

Made from very tough ABS plastic, they are practically indestructible in normal shop use and should last for many years.



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6 Piece Set

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