• Easily return you sharpening jig settings to recreate any grind you love

  • The engraved linear scale allows you to reproduce a wide variety of settings

  • Designed for use with the OneWay Wolverine Varigrind Fixture for bowl and spindle gouges

  • Quickly return to the grinding positions needed to maintain a favorite grind

  • Accurately set up your grinding system in seconds



Product Description

Repeat Any Gouge Grind You Love, Quickly, Easily, and Repeatably. Works with most sharpening jigs like the Wolverine, ProGrind, and similar.

Universal Setting Jig for HSS Wood Lathe Gouges

If you have a grind you love and want to be able to maintain that grind, the Universal Sharpening Jig for HSS gouges is just what you need.

1) Adjust your sharpening jig, (Wolverine, ProGrind, SharpFast, etc.) manually just like always. Be careful to get it right.

2) Loosen the dial on the Universal Setting Jig so that it moves freely.

3) Place the foot of the Universal Setting Jig into the pocket of the "V" arm.

4) Make two firm points of contact against the grinding wheels with the grinder turned off (wheels not running).

5) Hold the Universal Setting Jig in place and tighten the dial in place.

6) Take note of the reading on the linear scale. These are not degrees, just numbers.

7) Also note the leg position (4th notch, Detent #2, etc.)

8) You should use a standard projection/stick-out. Use what you normally use for this grind.

9) Write it down somewhere.

You now have a record of the settings necessary to reproduce this exact grind from now on.


I choose to write the readings right onto the lathe chisel handle.

I have so many gouges with different grinds that it is easier for me to record the set up readings right on the tool handle.

The 4.2 was the reading from the linear scale.

The 5 means the 5th notch down on my VariGrind 1.

I always use a 2" projection so no need to record that.

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Universal Setting Jig in position with foot in pocket arm.

Place the Universal Setting Jig into the pocket arm just as you would the VariGrind 1, or ProGrind pocket arm. If you already know the reading, set the dial and adjust the arm until you make firm contact with the wheel and tighten the arm in place.

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When You Should Use The Universal Setting Jig vs. Other Set Up Aids

The purpose of the Universal Setting Jig is to help you reproduce a gouge grind you already have and love. We do this by taking the guesswork out of setting the distance of the pocket arm away from the grinding wheel. And by recording the leg setting.

If you are just looking for a typical gouge grind, you would be better off using one of the other fixed position set up blocks we offer, such as the 4040 or the Original two piece set of gouge set up blocks.

Most turners employ the Universal Setting Jig to reproduce a non-standard grind on both bowl and spindle gouges. We constantly strive to improve our sharpening aids so we make minor changes to the material or the color of our setting aids. They always function as advertised or better, but the colors may vary over time.


Example showing the Universal being used with a VariGrind 2

A customer sent me this photo showing how he uses the Universal Setting Jig with his VariGrind 2 gouge holding fixture.

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