Turn Tenons, Dowels and Finials with Ease

The Speed Gouge features a long beveled tip that provides support for turning small diamenter projects. It also has most of the side removed to make working in tight, small spots easy. This makes it perfect for turning tops, bottle stoppers, ornaments and more.

Ron's Notes:

I developed this tool for my personal use and never intended to sell it to the public. I needed a way to turn the stems down on my spinning tops without breaking the very narrow stem needed on a good performing spin top. I also need a tool which wouldn't damage the disk which usually has a lot of texturing and color applied prior to turning the stem down to size. I also needed something which would eliminate catches. I had a little meeting with my grinder and this is the rusult! The very long bevel overhang helps prevent dropping below center and eliminats almost all catches. When my turning buddies and students saw me use it, they ask me to grind a tool for them, so I ultimately went into production. 

Things to know:

It only cuts from left to right. You don't sharpen the left side of the tool. It isn't supposed to cut, ever. Sharpening is best done with a small stone or diamond hone just touching up the cutting edge. Similar to putting a microbevel on a plane edge. I rarely sharpen the speed gouge on a grinder. Then only very lightly, usually on the side of the wheel rotating the cutting edge vertically. That's how I shaped it when I first made it anyway.

Best Uses:

Top stems, cutting the carrot shape for finials and icicles, refining gentle curves (to the right) for spindle vases like genie bottles.

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Speed Gouge, Ron Brown's - 7377

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