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Spindle Extender for Wood Lathes

 Use this spindle extender to move your work away from the headstock by 2-3/8". If you have a wood lathe where the motor extends out past the spindle toward the tailstock, you may experience difficulty when trying to use large faceplates, Longworth style chucks, Doughnut chucks, etc. This spindle extender adds the extra room needed to move your work past the motor.

Typical Lathes that will benefit from the Lathe Spindle Extender are the Jet 1236, Jet 1442, and similar.

You may experience a small amount of runout with any spindle extender.

This version does not have a through-hole although the user may choose to drill a 1/4" hole themselves. A through-hole is needed for use with vacuum chucks.

The Spindle Extender has been milled with perfectly flat surfaces on either end of the hex portion so it will fully seat against the original lathe spindle and also whatever you mount on the outboard end of the spindle extender. The 1x8 stud is permanently secured in place with high strength thread locker.  

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Spindle Extender for Wood Lathes 1x8

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