• Dual Bearing Live Center MT#2 7559


Professional Grade Live Center – Compare to OneWay Brand

Professional Grade Live Centers are the finest live centers we sell. Double ball bearing construction handles the heaviest axial loads you can bring to bear, with no thought of wear, play or vibration.

Basic hardware includes a cup center with replaceable center point (and a knockout rod), which you'll use for most of your work. The cup's threaded spindle lets you mount either of two cone centers that are included as standard equipment: a full point cone and an enormous reversible bullnose cone. The full point (1-1/16" max. diameter) makes it easy to center work with a drilled center hole, such as candlesticks and lamp bases. The bullnose cone (3-7/16" max. diameter) provides internal support for pieces with center holes from 1-1/2" to 1-1/4", or external self-centering support for rounded or tapered pieces from 1-1/2" to 3". It's a great system, built to outlast the bearings in your lathe.

If none of the fittings that come with the Professional Grade Live Center will hold the piece you're turning, you can custom turn a fitting to do the job. Drill an 11/16" diameter hole in the back of the fitting and it will thread right on to the Professional Grade Live Center.

The #2 Morse Taper Professional Grade Live Center is hollow and can be used to drill though holes with a Lamp Auger up to 5/16". If buying for this purpose, make sure the tailstock of your lathe also has a through hole.

Standard Equipment:

  • Center Point
  • Live Center Body
  • Bullnose Cone
  • Full Point Cone
  • Knockout Rod - also works as a through rod to keep the center from turning while you screw on the cones.
  • Instructions


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Dual Bearing Live Center MT#2 7559

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