• Mason Jar Lids

Decorate you Mason™ Jar Lids with covers you turn from every kind of wood, synthetic material and
even segmented assemblies on your lathe from Minis to the big boys.

I must give credit where credit is due. My friend Morris Schlesinger introduced me to this idea and at
first, I thought he was nuts! The prospect of trying to thread a lid to actually fit the coarse threads of a
Mason jar was mind boggling. Morris sent me three lids he made and I instantly understood. You are
really turning a cover for the metal ring (the band) which threads onto the jar, like always, and seals the
lid. The band is glued into the cover you turn since only the actual lid usually needs to be thoroughly

Morris says he can’t make them fast enough and judging from the 100 or so that I’ve made and the
public’s reaction so far, it is only a matter of what you are willing to let them go for and how much time
you have to make more. And how many you plan on keeping for yourself!

Shapes are endless: Flat to look like a Mason Jar lid, Acorn shaped, Russian Onion top, Chinese vase
style, ginger jar style, there is literally no end. You can even make a lidded box which threads onto the
Mason jar with the band glued into the bottom.

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Mason Jar Lids

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