• Riser Rings Set Of Eight 7383

Great for:

1) Plates Platters & Bowls With sharp-edged rims to keep away from steel washers.

2) Roughly turned bowl blanks which are now oval and won't sit flat on the base plate.

The Longworth Chuck is a wonderful device. Our customers love its ease of use, the speed of setup and its gentle non-marking grip on their beautiful vessels. They asked for a way to also use their Longworth Chuck when working with knife-edged plates or bowls that flared out to a sharp edge. The steel washers at the base of the soft silicone buttons sometimes interfered with the sharp edge on the vessel.


So you've roughed out a bowl blank and now it is dry. Everything has gone oval, the tenon and the rim. There are two high spots opposite each other and two low spots. There is no way it is going to sit flat against the chuck disk, but rather will rock from side to side. The easy fix is to use 4 riser rings; one over every other button. The bowl will make firm contact at those four points and allow you to true up the tenon. This will also allow you to flatten the rim when you mount the bowl in your 4 jaw chuck for final turning. If the warping is bad enough, place two on top of each other to gain the needed height.


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Riser Rings Set Of Eight 7383

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