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Early example with EasyWood Tool.

Hollow forms can be one of the most gratifying wood turning projects you can do. The result when you complete your hollow form is a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The overall look and feel of a piece of wood that is hollowed out with uniform side walls is very unique and usually begs the question, did you make that? That just may be wood turners favorite response to projects they show friends and family. Hollow forms can be a bit tricky since its difficult to see inside of the form when you’re turning which can make it tough to achieve the final result you want. Most hollowing tools have a heavy, cumbersome round shank that can be difficult to control. This makes hitting your marks difficult and sometimes dangerous. The Savannah Carbide Hollower tools eliminate this issue with heavy duty flat steel bars with a replaceable carbide tip cutter.

The Savannah Hollowing Tools are perfect for larger hollowing turning projects. Instead of cutting the wood which can sometimes cause the tool to catch, the Savannah Hollowing tools employ a razor sharp carbide cutter that shears the wood. The flat bar in combination with the carbide cutter makes the hollowing process easier by helping you keep your tool parallel to the lathe bed. This means much less tool movement and much less chance for catching. Now you can hollow forms with confidence! The carbide tip cutter is made from tungsten carbide and is designed to shear the wood versus cutting the wood like traditional hollowers. This helps produce a better finish which in turn means less sanding. When its time, you can loosen the set screw and rotate the cutter a quarter turn to cut with a fresh, razor sharp edge. When the cutter is used up, simply replace the carbide cutter with a new one (replacement cutter not included). The Savannah Hollowing Tools each have a heavy hardwood handle that is a full 19” long to provide you with plenty of leverage for larger hollowing projects. The tools are held on to the handle with a heavy duty ferrule for extra stability. The base of each handle is flush wrapped with a comfortable rubber grip to help absorb vibration and reduce hand fatigue.

The Large size #1 straight hollowing tool is a versatile tool to start your hollow forms. This tool can also be used on bowls, coves and pens too! Works in holes down to 3/4” and reaches 4 1/2” over the tool rest. The hardwood Handle is 19-3/4”long - the Tool Bar measures 1/2” Sq x 8.5” which is perfect for projects up to 4".

The Large size #2 medium hook tool is perfect for clearing out the mid-range or intermediate area in all your hollow forms. The hardwood handle is 19-3/4” long - the Tool Bar measures 3/8” x 3/4” x 7-3/4” which is perfect for projects up to 4".

The Large size #3 deep hook tool is equipped with a deeper hook for working tight spots much easier. The hardwood handle is 19-3/4” long - the Tool Bar measures 3/8” x 3/4” x 7-3/4” which is perfect for projects up to 4".

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3 Piece Deluxe Large Hollowing Tool Set

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