• Set Up Block for 40/40 Grind

  • Popularized by Stuart Batty and students

  • Efficient bowl gouge grind for quick stock removal

  • Designed for use with the OneWay Wolverine VariGrind 1

  • Illustrated instructions included (YouTube Video Posted)



Product Description

The New 4040 Grind Set Up Block Enables You To Use Your VariGrind 1, Varigrind 2, Or Similar To Achieve a 4040 Grind On Bowl Or Spindle Gouges


New 4040 Grind Set Up Block for 8" Grinders. Use this with a VariGrind 1 or 2 or similar to get a perfect 40 deg grind on bowl or spindle gouges.

Stuart Batty is an internationally known woodturner who, along with his father Allan Batty, popularized a bowl gouge grind knows as the 40/40 grind. Stuart teaches this grind as a platform only grind that does not use jigs or fixtures other than the platform of a wood lathe tool sharpening system. Until now, the only way to achieve a 40/40 grind was by hand. I have developed a system that uses a gouge holding fixture and a setup block to achieve the traditional 40/40 grind such as the VariGrind 1, VariGrind 2, ProGrind and similar. The results are much more consistent and it is much easier to grind a single facet. The Nose Angle and the Wing Angles will be 40 degrees every time just as one would get with Stuart’s manual grinding method. You may wish to view the video included with this posting to understand more about how it works.


4040 Set Up Block being used to set the position of the pocket arm

The 4040 Grind Set Up Block is used to set the correct distance of the pocket arm from the grinding wheel to obtain a 40 deg nose angle. The leg is pulled all the way up (approx 8.5 deg from parallel) and we must use a 3" tool projection. These settings result in a perfect 4040 grind every time.

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4040 Grind Set Up Block Installed into VariGrind 1

Install the 4040 Grind Set Up Block into your gouge holding fixture just as you would insert the gouge. Adjust the leg all the way up and lock it in place.

Place the tip of the leg into the pocket V arm making two firm points of contact against the grinding wheel. Lock the arm, reinstall the gouge.

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Gouge installed in VariGrind 1 Ready to grind or resharpen

The pocket arm distance has been properly set. The leg angle has been adjusted all the way up as far as it will go (8.5 deg). The gouge projects 3 inches from the holding fixture and you are ready to grind or resharpen your gouge. The stem of the block acts as a gauge block for the projection.

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4040 Grind Set Up Block can be used with virtually any jig with a gouge holding fixture. This is a VariGrind 2

The 4040 is calibrated for 8" grind systems and is used to set the arm distance from the wheel. The leg angle should be approximately 8.5 degrees from parallel. On both the VariGrind 1 and 2, that is all the way up. On the ProGrind system, it is also all the way up past the #1 detent.

Riser Block for use with the OneWay Wolverine Pocket Arm

Due to the position of the leg, many tool handles will not clear the end plate on the Wolverine pocket arm. The included riser block raises the leg of the gouge holding fixture up so it will clear the end plate.

View of the riser block in use on a OneWay Wolverine Pocket Arm

The riser block is now included with your 4040 Grind Set Up Block. If you are going to use the riser block, you must install it before you do any setup. Leave it in place during sharpening.

Nose angle and wings both at 40 degrees

This diagram shows a nose angle of 40 deg, wings at 4 deg and straight wings at 40 degrees from the flute of the gouge. This is the ideal grind for a 4040 gouge for both bowl gouges and spindle gouges.

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40-40 Grind Set Up Block

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