40/40 Grind Gauge Set Up Block

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It works with both VariGrind 1 and VariGrind 2, SharpFast, Pro-Grind and many other brands of gouge holding fixtures.


Stuart Batty is an internationally known woodturner who popularized a bowl gouge grind knows as the 40/40 grind. Stuart teaches this grind as a platform only grind that does not use jigs or fixtures other than the platform on a OneWay Wolverine Jig System.

Until now, the only way to achieve a 40/40 grind was by hand. I have developed a system that uses the OneWay VariGrind 1 tool holding fixture and a setup block to achieve the traditional 40/40 grind. Results are much more consistent and it is much easier to grind a single facet. The Nose Angle and the Wing Angles will be 40 degrees every time just as one would get with Stuart’s manual grinding method. You may wish to view Stuart’s method on YouTube to understand more about this grind.

Customer Comments:

From Jeff S.

Just received the 40/40 grinding setup jig - thanks - it works beautifully, and results in a near-perfect 40/40 grind. Best money I've spent in a long while.

Email from Dick Gerard:


Just a quick note to let you what I think of your new 40 40 grind setup jig.  


It does exactly what you say it does, it is easy to use (if you follow directions), it is repeatable, and IT WORKS!

I reground one of my older 5/8 bowl gouges and then took it to a machinist/engineering friend.  He inspected and measured it thoroughly.  His verdict:  40 degrees on the nose AND on the wings with a single facet.

Once again you have a winner!

Dick Gerard,  Aka bowlman

Hi Ron,

This is to let you know that I received the 40/40 grind setup block. I found it very easy to use and the setup resulted in a great 40/40 grind. I was sharpening freehand using the technique shown in videos by Stuart Batty, Cindy Drozda and others. Although my front bevels were good, my side bevels were faceted and inaccurate because I wasn’t starting at the correct angle and/or turning and swinging the gouge correctly, or any combination of errors. The setup block made it easy and the side bevels cleaned up quickly to the correct angle. A great product. Thank you.


Jack from New Zealand

Jim T.

I just received your 40/40 grind jig (purchased from Amazon) and used it for the first time. I've been wanting to try Stuart Batty's 40/40 grind ever since he was a demonstrator at our local woodturning club earlier this year (pre-Covid!), but I'm awful at freehand sharpening. Then I saw a Youtube video of someone using your jig. I used your jig to convert and sharpen an extra 1/2" bowl gouge I have and it was so easy! It measured dead on 40 degrees once I was finished. I wish I would have stumbled across your jig sooner.

Thanks for a great product.

New item: 

40 40 Riser Block


Purpose: To raise the leg of the VariGrind 1 tool holding fixture up 5/8" so the tool handles will clear the sides of the pocket arm.

Due to the extremely shallow leg angle necessary when using the 40/40 Setup block, the gouge may not clear the end plate on your OneWay Wolverine Pocket Arm. You can either grind the corners off or you might choose to use a riser block. I have engineered one which is made from durable HDPE and will stay in place during use.

The tip of the leg on your VariGrind 1 rests firmly in the center recess and still has its full range of motion. This riser block raises your VariGrind 1 approximately 5/8" from the bottom of the pocket arm. That is plenty of room to clear the sides of the pocket arm with most gouge handles.

You may also find the Riser Block useful during some other types of grinds (spindle gouges is one possibility) whenever the handle hits the sides of the pocket arm.


At 7:40 Sam Angelo starts 40/40


Ron Campbell of AZ Carbide does a brief review of the 4040 Grind Setup Block 




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