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Ron Brown's Best Platform Setting Blocks

Finally a solution for carvers, hand plane owners and folks who need to set their grinding platform to exact angles.

This set of 4 Platform Setting Blocks is calibrated for 8" grinding systems. It gives you the ability to set 16 different angles, in 5-degree increments. Most of my customers turn wood and there are specific angles which work best on certain tools. But I also have carvers and flat workers who regularly let me know that they need to set their grinding platforms to different angles.

The solution is a set of Platform Setting Gauges which cover different angles off vertical or horizontal. I began with 5 degrees off vertical (or 85 degrees off horizontal) and step up in 5-degree increments, i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. ending at 80. That gives you 16 different angles. 

Typical uses I know about are 25 degrees for plane irons, or 30 degrees for scrub planes. Bench chisles can also use 25 degrees except for rough work, then you might prefer 35 degree. With so many angles to chose from, one should be right for every situation regardless of the kind of tool you are trying to sharpen. 

The angles will be correct for a grinding wheel of 8 inches in diameter and for the first 1/2inch above the platform. After that, the arc of the grinding wheel will gradually fade out to zero.

There is nothing magic about a certain angle. The magic comes when you need to regrind a tool and you can duplicate the platform angle exactly. You remove less metal and your tools last longer.

This 4 piece set is cut on a CNC from 1/4" thick acrylic, then laser engraved and paint filled for long life and durability. The markings will not rub or wear off.


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Platform Setting Blocks

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