• Sets Platform Grinding Angles Quickly and Repeat-ably
  • Includes Settings For Skew, Parting Tool, Bowl Scraper and Roughing Gouge
  • Sets on platform and makes two points of contact to set the perfect angle
  • Designed to use all four sides, no adjustments needed
  • Calibrated for 8 inch grinding wheels

Product Description

Quad Sharpening Jig - Because it sets the platform at proper angles to grind 4 different HSS wood lathe tools.


Set The Proper Platform Angle To Sharpen 4 Different HSS Wood Lathe Tools With One Set Up Jig - The Quad

I've combined proper platform angles for 4 different High-Speed Steel wood lathe turning tools.

1) Bowl Scrapers

2) Parting Tools

3) Spindle Roughing Gouges

4) Skews

Simply lay the long edge of the Quad Setting Jig against the platform and adjust the platform until the Quad makes two firm points of contact against the 8" grinding wheel. It takes less than 10 seconds to go from a roughing gouge setting to a bowl scraper setting.

The angles engineered into the Quad work for most people, most of the time, in most situations. The angles I have chosen for each tool are the most user-friendly and catch-free angles I know of. Different folks use different angles for various reasons. I picked these because I hate catches caused by an angle that is too catchy or so blunt that you have to force the cut. These angles are not the only ones in use. They are the ones that will most likely keep you out of trouble and cause the fewest catches while still cutting effectively.

The Quad is made from durable aluminum-clad HDPE and is laser engraved so the markings should never wear off.

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Quad Platform Setting Jig - 4 Tools, 1 Setting Jig

The video provided with this listing is very useful. One Setting Jig - Four different tools. Quick, easy, repeatable. You will save time and money. When you can accurately reset the platform, you remove less metal from your expensive HSS tools so they last longer. It takes so little time to bring up a fresh edge, you will always be turning with freshly sharpened edges on your tools.

Made in America, by Americans who turn wood for fellow wood turners.

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Ron Brown's Best Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools

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