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Manufacturers recommend wheels made of CBN—not diamond—for sharpening tool steel. CBN is cubic boron nitride and it is almost as hard a diamond—it will actually scratch diamond. The abrasive is electroplated to a solid steel wheel to create a grinding wheel that out performs the traditional aluminum oxide wheels.

CBN is used widely in industry where precise sharpening and shaping is required.

  • Can be used from 100 to 3500 RPM

  • Little if any heat produced during grinding

  • Cuts fast with little pressure when grinding

  • Wheel stays flat and true and will not change

  • Will last many years with proper handling

  • Produces no dust since it never needs dressing

  • Leaves a fine and even finish on the tools

  • Designed for hard steels like high speed steel

With the Ron Brown's Best 8" CBN Grinding Wheels you won't have to worry about dressing or shaping like typical aluminum oxide wheels. These wheels don't wear! The CBN wheels are machined from solid steel and are bonded with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). Use the CBN wheels for any sharpening projects, including; turning tools, chisels, plane irons and more. With the Ron Brown's Best 8" CBN Grinding Wheels you will achieve a super fine, sharp edge with polished bevel on either hardened tool steel or carbide.  The CBN Grinding Wheels come in 80 & 180 Grit 8" x 1-1/2' width & 11/16" side sharpening, The bore opening is 5/8" in diameter.  They are very quiet, produce very little sparks and generate very little heat when sharpening.

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CBN Grinding Wheel 80 Grit 9856

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