New DVD Release

Resin Casting

The Chris Brown Method

Narrated by Ron Brown


This presentation will teach you:


1) How to cast bubble free

2) How to cast without cracks

3) How to achieve perfectly clear castings

4) The secrets of turning resin and wood

5) How use practically anything as a mold

6) Really enhance a simple project with dyes, glitter, and metallic powders

9) The “Closer Look Gallery” section lets you examine several vessels close up inside and out with incredible detail.

10) Chris’s Photo gallery will give you great design ideas. You see close up still photos of gorgeous vessels. The detail is marvelous.

Ron Brown has been an avid woodworker and woodturner since 1969. Traveling all over the country for many years, Ron has instructed thousands of Wood-workers on the finer points of woodworking and especially turning. A number of his projects have been featured in major publications and online. Ron is proud to bring you this presentation featuring one of his sons who has mastered an exciting technique in the form of a DVD video. You can now follow along and learn from one of the best at your own pace.


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Resin Casting

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