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The Turners Laser Guide enables you to know the location of a point on the cutting edge in real time even while the vessel is spinning and material is being removed. It utilizes a laser pointer to indicate the cutter position on the outside of the vessel while the cutter is actually inside the vessel and is otherwise impossible to accurately locate. The Turners Laser Guide can be attached to either to the turning tool ferrule or shaft ranging from 3/4" to1-1/4" in diameter. With the stainless steel supports you can turn vessels 10" deep by 20" in diameter. The Turners Laser Guide can be set to show the position of a cutter or to show the offset to give you the ability to see the wall thickness of your vessel while it is spinning. The Turners Laser Guide comes complete with a laser pointer that uses one AAA battery which is included.

The Turners Laser Guide Includes:


  • 1 each Laser Pointer

  • 1 each Thickness Gauge

  • 1 each Universal Mounting Base

  • 1 each Upright Support Arm

  • 1 each 90° Bi-directional Bracket

  • 1 each Laser Support Arm

  • 1 each Height Stop Ring

  • 1 each AAA Battery

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Turners Laser Guide 7386

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