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Video Instructions amazing steady rest indexing wheels longworth type 2 mini steady rest natural edge jamb chuck

Steady Rest Type 2 - 16 inch/14 inch - Amazing Steady Rest

 Amazing Steady Rest Type 2 - 16 inch/14 inch I have completely redesigned the Steady Rest with fea..

$187.49 $249.99 $187.49

Indexing Wheels all options please select the spindle

Turners Indexing Wheel Indexing wheels are used in any situation where equal divisions are needed..

$129.99 $129.99

Longworth Type 2 Basic For 16 inch & Up Lathes

The outer diameter of the disks for this chuck is 15.375" Longworth vs. Doughnut Frequently As..

$176.99 $235.49 $176.99

Mini Steady Rest for lathes 16-20 inch

 For 16-18 inch Lathe Ron Brown's Best™ Mini Steady Rest The capacity of this mini steady rest..

$109.99 $109.99

Natural Edge Jamb Chuck

Why You Need This Even If You Don't Turn Natural Edge Bowls Cole Jaws, Longworth Chucks, and Doug..

$99.99 $119.99 $99.99

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