In your email this week it was mentioned teaching a new turner how to sharpen their gouges. That prompts me to write to you and thank you for your work in developing the jig that will sharpen a 40/40 grind. I was trying to teach myself how to use Stuart Batty's grind and having a heck of a time doing it freehand. Now that I have purchased your jig, along with the vari-grind, I'm keeping my gouge sharp and consistent. Thank you so much for what you do. It made a huge difference to me. - Jim C

From Michael L.

I have been using your 40/40 setup jig on a grinder for a while now and love the results.  . . .

Also, I have your other setup jigs and they all work well in excess of what I expected.  For the first time in many years of turning, I am getting consistent results and the sharpest edge ever.  I wish I had purchased your jigs a long time ago.

Thank you,

Michael L

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