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Spotlight Longworth Type 2 Combo

Longworth Type 2 Combo Savings
Longworth Type 2 Combo For 12 inch & Up Lathes

  We currently make all Longworth and Doughnut chucks with Black HDPE. We have discontinue..

$190.49 $309.24 $190.49

Longworth Type 2 Combo For 16 inch & Up Lathes

  The actual diameter is 15.375" to allow clearance for the bed ways.  Maximum s..

$235.49 $333.64 $235.49

Longworth Type 2 Combo For 18 inch & Up Lathes

The outer diameter of the disks for this chuck is 17.375" Perfect for Laguna Revo 18|36 Lathe, Jet ..

$360.32 $450.40 $360.32

What is a "Combo?"


10” Longworth Type 2 COMBO Package Contents: 1 @ Longworth Type @ Chuck Fully Assembled 1 @ Faceplate (Installed) with 1” X 8 tpi threads 1 @ Doughnut Ring with a 6” opening 4 @ Snap-in Reducer Rings (Solid Ring Set) with openings of 5, 4, 3.5, 3 inches (used with 6” doughnut ring) Hardware Set: 4 @ 3/8” X 4” bolts, 4 @ 3/8” X 8” bolts, 4 @ 3/8” wingnuts, 8 @ washers 1 @ Storage Stand

What is a Type 2?

Question What is the difference between a Type 1 Longworth and a Type 2 Longworth Chuck? Answer) Type 1 has been on the market for almost 10 years and has gained worldwide acceptance. It uses the traditional configuration, but is equipped with a steel mounting disk on the back designed to be held in the jaws of a 4 Jaw woodworking scroll chuck. Both disks in a Type 1 Longworth Chuck are .25” phenolic with a 1/8” disk of UHMW plastic (Ultra High Molecular Weight) sandwiched in between to reduce friction. This isn’t needed with HDPE plastic. Answer) The Type 2 Longworth Chuck is different in 3 major areas: i) The disks are ½” HDPE (high density polyethylene) and there is no UHMU layer needed. ii) The Type 2 is equipped with a threaded faceplate and threads directly onto the lathe spindle. iii) An OPTIONAL accessory is a set of Doughnut rings for use with the Type 2 Longworth Style Chuck only. The Type 2 chuck may be used in the traditional Longworth scrolling mode or as a traditional Doughnut Chuck with doughnut rings. DOUGHNUT RINGS CANNOT BE USED WITH A TYPE 1 LONGWORTH CHUCK. IT IS DANGEROUS AS THE PHENOLIC WILL LIKELY CRACK WHEN THE BOLTS ARE TIGHTENED.

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